If the Website, your system is required to send SMS to the customer phone such as confirmation message when registration Website, or human management software need message message calendar meeting, happy birthday E-Commerce Website messaging messaging transaction ... SimoSMS SMS System will fully satisfy your requirements.

Our API system ensures fast, simple, reliable and easy integration into any system.

Can connect with all programming languages such as C #, Java, ASP.NET, PHP.

Mechanism of operation Connect via Webservice: POST / Get. Authentication: Your requests will be authenticated by the API key and SecretKey, which will be issued after you register at SimoSMS.

Here are the most basic steps you can take to integrate messaging into your system.

Step 1: Register your account at

Step 2: After signing up, you go to login page and go to Manage page. Here you go to the API Manager menu to get the APIKey and SecretKey

Step 3: Implement the API functions provided by the SimoSMS by invoking the URL, details of the reference functions here. Here we will guide the example function to send random number random number.

The syntax for this function is as follows:

Request form:

You need to call the POST or GET statement to this URL with the following data in the format:

ApiKey and Secret Key you obtained in step 2

- Content is the message content

- Phone is the phone number you want to send

- SMSTYPE is message type:

+ 6 is customer care message (not for advertising)

+ 4 fixed dialers. Notify can send advertisements and customer care

+ 8 is a 10-digit fixed number used to care customers, but you need to pre-register with us form message. Please contact 0902.435.340 to register.

+ 2 to send Brandname customer care, however must register Brandname before and transmit additional variable

Here we will give code send sms for example in three common languages are C #, Java and PHP.

For C #:

Download the Json sample C # project here: http://simosms/SimoSMSAPI_Demo_CSharp_JSON_Rest.rar (recommended)

Download the sample C # project in the form POST here:

Download the JSON PHP code here: (recommended)

Download the PHP POST code here:

For Java:

Restored Java sample code: (recommended)

Download the sample Java project here: - This project is written in the form of Web so you need to install Tomcat or other Webserver for Java to be able to run.

Download the plug-in wordpress template here: - This project is written in wordpress plug-in so you need to install plug in wordpress to be able to run

Any questions can be contact Skype: thaihabk05 or email to [email protected]

Hotline Support: 0902 435 340.

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